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IServerClientVBA::SetContactList method

Delivers and stores user's contacts (Contact List) on the IM server.

Public Sub SetContactList(     ByRef ContactArrayPtr As Long,     ByRef ContactsCount As Integer,     ByRef ResultCode As Long )


[in] Pointer to an array of ContactStruct types that contains user account names that must be added and stored as current user's Contact List. Only Account member of the type must be filled that stores user's account name. To retrieve a pointer to an array use VarPtr() function for it's first element.
[in] Variable of Integer type that specifies the number of elements in the array pointed by the ContactArrayPtr variable. In order words it's value equals the number of contacts that are being stored on the IM server.
[out] Variable of Long type that gets an extended code if error result is returned. For available codes see Available Extended Codes topic.

Return Value

The function was successful.
One or more arguments are incorrect.
Some error occurred in the function. Check ResultCode variable to get extended information on the error.