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User interface

The main window of Bopup Observer is designed to display incoming messages. Each message is highlighted with a different color based on a message type, i.e. Personal, Group, News notification from a server or Urgent message. It is an easy way to attract an attention and see what type of message is received.

Urgent message indicates a priority of message and it can be Personal, Group and News message. When urgent message is received Bopup Observer automatically pops up from the System Tray area and notifies user with a sound file even the same settings in the program options disabled.

The program toolbar contains the following functions you can quickly access.

From the left to the right:

  • Pass on to previous message
    This displays a previous message you received

  • Pass on to next message
    This displays a next message you received

  • Delete current message
    This deletes currently displayed message from incoming message list.

  • Mark message as a favorite
    Mark current message as a favorite message or removes the message from favorite messages list.

  • View Message and Transfer History
    This opens Message and File Transfer History dialog box.

  • Open the program options
    This opens the Options dialog to change the program settings.

You can use keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) for many of the tasks you perform in Bopup Observer to help increase your efficiency.

Bopup Observer displays a good visible icon in System Tray that changes it's color and blinks when a new message comes.