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You can use keyboard shortcuts for many of the tasks that you perform in the Bopup Messenger to help increase your efficiency.

Main window:

 Keyboard shortcut  Action
 Ctrl+S or Enter  Send a new or reply to incoming message
 Ctrl+D  Forward incoming message
 Ctrl+P or Left Arrow  Pass on to a previous message
 Ctrl+N or Right Arrow  Pass on to a next message
 Ctrl+Delete  Delete current message
 Shift+Delete  Delete all messages
 Ctrl+G  Close current established session and disconnect from IM server
 F3  View user's details
 Ctrl+R  Read user's away message
 Ctrl+W  Switch to Away mode
 Ctrl+O  Change the program settings
 Ctrl+L  Enable log of Message and File Transfer History
 Ctrl+H  View Message and Transfer History
 Ctrl+T  Transfer files, folders and documents
 Ctrl+F  Open receiving folder
 Ctrl+M  My account details
 F1  Contents help
 ESC  Hide to system tray area
 Ctrl+Tab  Switch between Today's Messages and My Contacts tabs
 Ctrl+A  Select all users and groups in the Contact List
 Ctrl+F5  Refresh Contact List and Messaging groups list (retrieves the data from the communication server in manual mode)

Sending dialog box:

 Keyboard shortcut  Action
 Ctrl+Enter  Send message
 F3  View user's details
 Ctrl+R  View user's away message
 Ctrl+H  Display Message and Transfer History by selected users and groups
 Ctrl+T  Transfer files, folders and documents to selected users and groups
 Ctrl+F  Open receiving folder
 Tab  Switch between Contacts and typed message (works only in Extended Dialog Mode)
 Ctrl+Tab  Show/Hide Contacts
 Ctrl+A  Select all users and groups in the Contact List